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Professionally and compassionately advising Northern Colorado families for over 20 years

Rocky Mountain Family Law

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We've been helping Northern Colorado families just like yours for more than 20 years.

What Our Clients Are Saying.

I contacted Sarah Hubbard last minute after fighting my case for a year and a half by myself. Once it came down to going to court and testifying and cross examining I felt like I needed support and I was out of my element. Custody cases are draining and from the moment I hired Sarah my life got better. I didn’t have the stress anymore. She took me on a week before my first court appearance. She not only showed up and did a phenomenal job in court but she also put the other attorney and co-parent in their place when needed. She performs insanely well in Court. Which is huge. She never once gave me unrealistic expectations.

My case was a difficult one. Lots and lots of accusations. Testimony upon testimony. And basically any wrench that can be thrown into a case happened in mine. She was unwavering in her conviction for what was right for my son and his schedule with each parent. I went in knowing that she could handle anything and everything as well as talk to me about being reasonable. She let me know when I was right and when I should bend or be
agreeable. She truly was the best counsel ever. I have been through custody court before and it wasn’t even this ugly but it was not a pleasant experience. Every step of the way with Sarah was pleasant. Truly made it as stress free as it could be. Her paralegal Todd is great as well. They both have such great demeanor with you, dealing with other attorneys and with the judge.

If you have a difficult case and need someone who knows what they are doing and will fight for your side tooth and nail regardless of what the other side is throwing at you Sarah is your girl. She was able to pick apart everything, pull out the truths and redirect to what we were truly there for which was the best interest of my son. The judge ruled and gave me more than I even expected in this case and I attribute it to Sarah really going the extra mile and defining the situation and what was best for my son clearly with facts and reality. Top notch team!!!

I cannot express enough gratitude. Family is everything and my heart is so grateful for the blessing of Sarah as my counsel.


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