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Premarital Agreements

Prenup & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenups, Rocky Mountain Family Law
Is s Prenup Necessarily a Good Idea?



Virtually everyone understands what an important step marriage is. It is one of life's most consequential decisions. Preparing for marriage may include self-reflection, dating, match-making, marriage counseling and discussions with family members. All these methods may help get you ready for the practical and social aspects of taking on a new identity as someone's wife or husband and setting up a household with your new spouse.

But what about financial and business matters? How can you guard against unforeseen complications that could affect your life savings and even your retirement funds? Many people have found that prenuptial agreements get things out in the open and provide peace of mind.

Why Prenuptial Agreements are Important

There are many good reasons to have a premarital agreement when you marry, for example:

When one or both spouses own businesses, manage professional practices or have extensive investments

When there are children from previous marriages and relationships

When there are great disparities between the incomes and assets of the spouses-to-be

If you have a compelling reason to ask your fiancé or fiancée to agree to a prenup to protect your financial interests after marriage, Rocky Mountain Family Law can help. We can guide you through the process of devising one that a court would uphold if it were challenged — a valid prenup you can both agree to.

On the other hand, your fiancé or fiancée may have been the one to bring up the idea of a prenup. You may be keenly aware of career sacrifices and other adjustments — such as moving far from your family — that you will make for the sake of the marriage. You wonder if a prenup is fair and right to enter into. This is a good question and you have the right to be fully informed. You should understand the benefits and downsides of prenuptial agreements before signing one. Ideally, each spouse should have legal counsel before agreeing to a prenup.

Has the person you're engaged to asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement? You may hesitate because you believe marriage should be forever, no matter what. Or you may agree with the concept of a prenuptial agreement, but you wisely seek clarity about the particulars of the prenup under consideration. Talk to a lawyer about your concerns. Learn what your rights are and get an objective legal opinion about the agreement before you sign.

Do You Need a Prenup Agreement or Advice About a Proposed Prenup? 

At Rocky Mountain Family Law, we pride ourselves on our cost-effective, friendly legal services in the Fort Collins area. Call or contact us today to schedule a consultation with attorney Sarah Hubbard.

Call Rocky Mountain Family Law at 970-419-4350 or contact us to set up an appointment with attorney Sarah Hubbard.​

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