Rocky Mountain Family Law, LLC 2019


The emotional and social aspects of divorce are one thing. Friends, family, counselors and time each play a part in helping you get through it. The financial and legal aspects are another. You need qualified legal counsel to protect your rights and interests. A compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer is a valuable ally.  At Rocky Mountain Family Law, we work with clients at all stages of divorce. Some are planning ahead as they see divorce on the horizon. Others have received an unexpected petition for divorce from a spouse. Many of our clients have been living separated from their spouses for some time and are looking for help while moving forward with life.  Even in amicable circumstances, difficult feelings and concerns may go along with the legal process of divorce. Rocky Mountain Family Law does its best to help clients find peaceful resolutions through settlements whenever possible. When reasonable negotiations are not an option, our attorneys are prepared to aggressively pursue your best interests.