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Estate Plans

Estate Planning for Peace of Mind

Estate Plans, Rocky Mountain Family Law
Estate Planning: Prevention For Peace Of Mind

Proper estate planning is an extensive process that can have a big impact on your loved ones during unfortunate times. A well-thought-out estate plan offers you the opportunity to establish a large part of your legacy with reassurance and confidence.

Prepare Or Update A Will And Trusts

If your will is properly signed and once any trusts you have are properly funded, you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Documents that are correctly prepared can prevent family squabbles, save time and money for your beneficiaries, and, in some cases, save on inheritance taxes.

Express Your Wishes In Powers Of Attorney

Not all aspects of estate planning have to do with what happens to your assets after death. You also have the opportunity to prepare for the possibility of incapacitation. During a health crisis or during the last stages of your life, family members and doctors may have important decisions to make about your health care. Different terms apply to documents that spell out your preferences. You may hear these documents referred to as "living wills" or "advance directives." None of us knows when such a document may provide comfort and direction to next of kin after an accident or during a serious illness.

Talk To An Attorney At Rocky Mountain Family Law About Your Concerns

At Rocky Mountain Family Law in Fort Collins, you can obtain personalized advice about all components of estate plans, including:

  • Preparation of living trusts

  • Beneficiary deeds

  • Wills

  • Health care declarations and powers of attorney (advance directives)

  • Durable powers of attorney

If you already have an estate plan in place, it is advisable to review it every few years. You should also ask a lawyer to review your estate plan after any significant life changes, such as a move to Colorado or Wyoming from out of state, a divorce, a death in the family, birth or adoption of children, or the startup or sale of a business. Updating your will may be simple or you may discover that you need a new one altogether.

Call Rocky Mountain Family Law at 970-419-4350 or contact us to set up an appointment with a Colorado lawyer.​

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