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Custody & Modification

Parenting Plans, Modification & Child Support.

Custody, Rocky Mountain Family Law
Resolve Your Child Custody And Support Issues With Our Guidance And Representation

Rocky Mountain Family Law is here to help you navigate the difficult legal process of child custody as smoothly as possible. We will put you and your children's interests first. On your behalf, we will pursue the least disruptive solution to minimize the impact on your children. Unfortunately, not all cases can be resolved amicably and Rocky Mountain Family Law is prepared to defend clients through the process and trial.

Your attorney at our firm can negotiate, litigate and resolve complex financial and custody issues on your behalf, such as:

  • Parenting plans (custody and visitation)

  • Post-decree modification of parenting time and child support

  • Out-of-state relocation

  • Restrictions on parenting time for the safety of the children

Get The Answers And Help You Seek

Explore every avenue when it comes to situations dealing with the well-being of your children. Rocky Mountain Family Law will help you every step of the way and lay out a plan to finalize your case as smoothly as possible. Know your child custody options through consultation with us. You and your child's best interests are our priority.

Pay Or Receive The Right Amount Of Child Support

Regardless of the difficulties that arise, parents owe their children financial support for basic needs, including food, housing, clothing and education. The amount is typically defined by the parents' income and time spent with the child. The parent who cares for the children less than 50 percent of the time will typically pay child support to the other parent.

At our family law firm, you will find a family law professional you can trust to help you through specifics of your child support case, including:

  • Establishment of child support as part of a divorce or as a stand-alone case when no divorce is involved

  • Modification

  • Enforcement

  • Collection


We are confident you will feel heard and understood when you speak to Rocky Mountain Family Law. A Fort Collins lawyer is ready to listen to your concerns and plan an effective strategy in accordance with your wishes and family circumstances.

Call Rocky Mountain Family Law at 970-419-4350 or contact us to set up an appointment with a Colorado lawyer.​

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