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When the time comes to seek a lawyer's help about your legal matter, please understand that your concerns and your timetable are what count most of all. An attorney can explain the laws relevant to your case, guide you through necessary legal processes and advocate for you as needed. However, your needs should guide the ship. At Rocky Mountain Family Law, we make all decisions based on what is best for our clients. We offer a compassionate approach to the practice of law in northern Colorado. We are eager to explain how we can help you.

Family Law, Divorce, Custody, and Estate Planning.

Our clients rely on our experience to help them through a variety of legal matters. Divorce, custody, and wills and trusts are all areas of the law that touch nearly every family sooner or later. A caring, experienced attorney can be a valuable ally. Rocky Mountain Family Law is prepared to give you the information, guidance and representation you need to feel confident you are heading in the right direction.